Love and equality propagated by Sweden Post. One special rainbow stamp designed to celebrate Pride

April 8th, 2016 is glad to inform our readers that that Sweden Post has introduced a special stamp this week. The item has turned rainbow to celebrate LGBT Pride.

The company says its Stamp Advisory Committee receives "hundreds of suggestions" for stamp motifs every year. It adds that artist Lisa Rydell submitted the idea for the stamp, and Ms Rydell was also commissioned to settle on a design.

Per Ljungberg of PostNord Sweden said: "By issuing a stamp with the Pride Flag, we want to emphasise the equal value of all people and the strength represented by people's unique qualities and differences.

"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time the Pride Flag has been reproduced on a stamp – which makes it particularly gratifying that people will now be able to send affectionate greetings with the Pride Flag stamp to all corners of the world".

PostNord adds: "The next time you send a postcard or a letter, you're supporting the limitless love and equality of all!"
The stamp itself is quite minimalist, featuring the colours of the Pride flag edge-to-edge.

Mr Ljungberg added: "Swedes really like to send and receive stamped letters and postcards.

"For many people, the choice of stamp is an extension of their written message – which will be made especially profound with the new Pride stamp. This motif is also well in line with PostNord's internal diversity initiatives".

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