Macao Post explores the nature of “Five Roosters” with a new issue. Five Chinese Zodiac stamps released

January 11th, 2017 hurries to inform all philately enthusiasts that Macao Post releases the tenth issue of the third series of Chinese Zodiac philatelic products with the stamp theme “Lunar Year of the Rooster”. The conceptual design of the stamp is combined with the different forms of the rooster and the distinguishing characteristics of “Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth”.

The year of rooster, the rooster’s nature from the “Five Elements” is “Fire Rooster”, so it becomes the main character of the five stamps.

“Fire Rooster” stamp – The Fire Rooster is a fighter. He likes to take up challenges, has a strong sense of justice and likes to help the weaker; he can control his time, is punctual and is faithful to his word; he is very dedicated to his work, and fights for what he believes; he has talent for investing and managing his money; he reaches professional success and makes fortune easily.

“Wood Rooster” stamp – The Wooden Rooster is sensitive and kind. Family and affection are always a priority when making decisions; he is self-confident and joyful, likes to be with his friends and knows how to create a harmonious atmosphere both among friends and co-workers; he makes fortune easily, and is crafty when looking for new sources of income.

“Water Rooster” stamp – The Water Rooster is a natural-born artist. With the appearance and the pride of an artist, he appreciates beauty and has high demands on this regard. He is intelligent and sensitive, sentimental and popular; he is lucky with money and has multiple sources of income.

“Metal Rooster” stamp – The Metal Rooster is as righteous as a judge. He has good reasoning ability and a high moral sense in his judgements; he endures when under trials, never gives in when facing difficulties; he makes fortune easily and his efforts always bear fruit.

“Earth Rooster” stamp – The Earth Rooster is a natural leader. He looks impressive, but is sociable and popular among friends and acquaintances; he has the ability and the will to solve problems and difficult situations; he has numerous professional and financial successes, especially at his job.