May 23rd, 2015

Made In Vanuatu – new stamp issue was unveiled

Tags: got to know that Vanuatu Post has released a special stamp issue that focuses on four of many organizations that have established a business and /or a community service in Vanuatu and are offering products and services that proudly demonstrate the incredible skills of the people involved. Vanuatu Post is proud to showcase their skills and supports their endeavors in bringing first-class products to the world. The issue consisting of four items was put into circulation on the 23d of March.

Founded in 2008, the ACTIV Association empowers disadvantaged communities socially, economically and environmentally through fair trading of handicrafts, carvings, spices and oils. ACTIV is a national union of associations, co-operatives, small producers and other individuals from the islands. Based in Port Vila in their new handicraft centre, they not only display stunning products but also hold open information sessions in partnership with other organisations to discuss issues such as good governance, reproductive health and women's rights.

Venui Vanilla, organic-certified since 1997, focuses on growing organic Vanilla and spices. Two decades of dedicated research in growing and processing techniques have resulted in the development of superior quality and outstanding goods that sell all over the world in premium and specialised markets. Alt Assisted by Venui Vanilla, spice producers focus on a total quality approach in order to retain their organic certification. In return, Venui Vanilla grants its suppliers competitive, fair prices, alongside continuous training and support, making this an inspirational, sustainable and rewarding undertaking for all stakeholders.

The Summit became established primarily to manufacture and sell health, beauty and body care products inspired by tropical essential oils which grow at The Summit or elsewhere in Vanuatu. Commitment to quality is guaranteed because they control the process by owning the plants and distillery factory providing the sandalwood and other essential oils and products. Alt  Providing employment opportunities for Ni-Vanuatu people, their activities also include growing limes and other fruits, canarium and tamanu nuts, ylang ylang, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, vetiver grass, coffee and vanilla. They also cater for tourists with a striking location, health and body shop and a café.

Vanuatu Bijouterie's artisan jewellers create beautiful and exotic pieces that are of world standard. Founded in 1971 by Francois Hainaut, the business features three jewellery masters each with over 30 years experience. Each master has his own style and preference but each has inherited from the founding Master Jeweller, the French know-how and the aesthetics that make French jewellers possibly the best in today's world. Each master has extensive knowledge of lapidaries, metallurgy and gold-smithing which make up all the essentials of jewellery making. Pig's tusks play a large part in Vanuatu culture and Bijouterie's fine work features these in bracelet form giving a range of unique Vanuatu products.

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