Maggie voted most popular 'Simpsons' stamp

May 23rd, 2009

More than 900,000 votes were cast in an online survey asking people to choose their favorite "The Simpsons" stamp, the U.S. Postal Service said.

The Maggie stamp was voted No. 1, followed by Homer, then Bart, Marge and Lisa.

The online vote took place at between April 7 and May 14. "The Simpsons" stamps were issued nationwide May 7 and dedicated at the Twentieth Century Fox Studios in Los Angeles where the animated characters' creator and executive producer, Matt Groening, and executive producer James L. Brooks were joined by voice cast members of the popular television series.

The Postal Service noted the 916,927 votes cast for its "Simpsons" survey falls short of the 1.1 million votes received in 1992 when America voted for a "younger vs. older" Elvis stamp image, with the younger winning by a 3-to-1 margin.

The Elvis vote took place prior to the Internet and customers voted by mailing in post cards obtained at post offices, the Postal Service noted.

"Elvis remains as the most popular stamp among collectors, but the response to 'The Simpsons' indicates that the King might have some competition," U.S. Postal Service Executive Director of Stamp Services David Failor said in a statement. "We've printed 1 billion 'Simpsons' stamps, nearly double those printed for Elvis, so only time will tell how they rank in history."

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