Magnolias – gorgeous summer flowers

May 23rd, 2015 is glad to inform that this year's Sweden summer stamps show magnolias, from bud to dazzling flowers. In a booklet of five objects appear magnolia varieties Magnolia x soulangeana (three subjects), Magnolia George Henry Kern and Magnolia stellata, while the coil stamp shows Magnolia galaxy. The issue was released on the 7th of May.

"During a short period of time my photo studio was a veritable greenhouse. The magnolias were very happy up there, so I was able to follow the entire blooming sequence. The only obstacle was when several of the plants decided to bloom the weekend I was away", says photographer Helene Schmitz.
When the light streaming in through the north window was just right, it was time to start taking pictures. She used a regular system camera with a macro lens for close-ups and tested different background colors: pink, sky blue and light green in mild hues.

"In the final stamp images the motif and background are one. That feeling is present regardless of whether the image is a bud or a flower in full bloom".