Majestic railway bridges in Latvia. Two beautiful Europa stamps presented by Latvia Post!

April 25th, 2018

In 2018 the joint stamp series of the European countries is dedicated to the theme of bridges and is delighted to present two beautiful Latvian stamps issued within this series. These items depict the types of bridges popular with philatelists – railway bridges: Jugla Bridge and the Gauja River Bridge. 

Rail bridges are a popular stamp theme among philatelists, as it is interesting for a wide range of collectors, including philatelists who are interested in all types of bridges, those who collect stamps featuring infrastructure facilities and those who choose stamps with the railway theme or collect stamps depicting railway trains as a vehicle.

So, the first stamp features Jugla Bridge that is the only protected bridge in Latvia. Opened in 1933, the bridge became an integral part of the former railway line Riga-Ergli. This majestic construction has become a real landmark. The second stamp depicts the Gauja River Railway Bridge that crosses the Gauja River in Ūdriņi, Latvia as part of the Riga–Valka–Pskov railway line. It was opened around 1889.