Male and female toys depicted on a new Croatian stamp issue

May 15th, 2015 got to know that Croatian Post has unveiled its postage issue designed for Europa 2015 stamp competition. It consists of two stamps that depict two types of toys – male and female one. The issue was released and put into circulation on the 7thof May.

Toys have always been inseparable from their time. Oscillating between the romantic object of child's desire and always more expressed rational concept of an object defined by its educational, developmental or therapeutic purpose, modern toy is much more than the symptom which remains at margins of its time.

This is in the best way illustrated by the saying "good design" which surpasses ideological frames and the dictatorship of consumption turning the toy into a universal value which is also half a century later equally understandable and accurate. To such kind of toys belongs also TO TAK toy by the author Ante Jakić from1965, aimed at serial production, which by its inventiveness can be compared to the top productions of Scandinavian and Italian design of the time.

There is a classic division on "male" and "female" toys – those for boys who had to learn how to fight in wars and those for girls who had to know all domestic work and skills. Sometimes the adults would seize for toys, i.e. dolls for other, them understandable purposes. The dolls were also the mannequins of past centuries who travelled through courts, wearing models of luxurious clothing which then rich noble women would choose and order. Or, they used to – in relaxed art-déco positions and clothing – decorate the boudoirs and were therefore called "boudoir dolls". Golden age of dolls is still the late 19th and the early 20th century.