MaltaPost launches Postal Uniforms Stamp Set. 4 cartoon stamps released

June 12th, 2017 is excited to let our readers know that MaltaPost issued a set of four stamps showing its corporate mascot Peppi Pustier dressed in uniforms worn by the ‘posties’ of the Maltese Islands over the years.

These stamps highlight the style-change of these uniforms over the years intended to adapt to fashion trends and social developments.

Progressively the uniform became less formal and more practical. This resulted from the 1960s social revolution, when society parted with conservative ideas and welcomed a less formal way of life. So, let’s appreciate a bright design of these items together!

The 2.00 stamp depicts Peppi Pustier in an early 1900s uniform. It consists of a single-breasted felt jacket with front patch pockets having the Queen Victoria crown embossed on the buttons, the postman’s personalised number on the collar. For smartness and protection from the elements, many postmen wore black boots. A beige satchel and a regulation cap, also worn by policemen at the time, was included in the uniform.

On the 1.00 stamp, Peppi is seen on a motorcycle sporting a grey Eisenhower twill zip-up jacket with cuffs. Postmen in the 1980s wore light blue shirts, V-neck wool jerseys, ties bearing the postal horn logo of the time as well as a metal helmet with ‘Posta’ written across the forehead.

In the early 2000s, the postal services launched the first logo as ‘MaltaPost’. The uniform, as portrayed on the 0.59 stamp, was yellow and blue and matched the company’s branding. For the first time, a postman wore a more casual baseball cap.

The formal and smart uniforms shown in the first two stamps are similar to the ones worn by members of authority at the time, indicating the central role held by the postal service. The role was paramount in an age when communication could only reach towns and cities via the post.

The postal service today is being replaced by electronic means of communication, yet its role in the internet age remains central, particularly in the area of online shopping. Today MaltaPost has geared itself to embrace this shift in the market. Today’s uniform, as seen on the 0.26 stamp consists of casual grey trousers and a polo shirt, complemented by a fleece jacket for winter wear. The charcoal grey colour along with a hint of red strongly portrays the current corporate colours. The jacket, hat and fleece jacket sport an embroidered MaltaPost logo. This new uniform adopts modern textiles ensuring comfort, practicality and professionalism.

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