Maran Rabbi Ovadia Yousef – a spiritual leader of Israel

September 24th, 2014 is glad to inform that Israel Post is to issue a new stamp commemorating Maran Rabbi Ovadia Yousef. The item is to be released on the 29th of September. The design of the stamp and the sheet margins is based on a photo by artist Israel Bardugo.

Ovadia Yosef was a Talmudicscholar, an authority on Jewish religious law (halakha), and the longtime spiritual leader of Israel's ultra-orthodox Shas party. Born in Iraq, he was the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israelfrom 1973 to 1983. Yosef's responsa (religious law rulings) were highly regarded within Haredi circles, particularly among Mizrahi communities, among whom he was regarded as "the most important living halakhic authority.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is remembered in the history of Israel as the greatest in his generation and as an incredible genius who gained the title of Maran (Master) and was considered to be the "adjudicator of a generation". He was a dedicated and esteemed leader who dedicated his life to the people of Israel and prayed throughout his life for the redemption of the general public and of its individuals.

His spirit shall glow in the pages of history as one who left an indelible mark on the State and on society. His character, legacy and leadership accompany the scores of students and admirers who continue to bask in his light.