Marco Borsato’s 25th anniversary as an artist celebrated by PostNL

April 10th, 2015 got to know that PostNL is celebrating Marco Borsato's 25th anniversary as an artist with a pure silver postage stamp portraying the singer. Humberto Tan presented the stamp to him personally during a special broadcast of RTL Late Night dedicated to this 25th year anniversary.

Marco Borsato was taken completely by surprise when Humberto Tan handed him his own silver postage stamp.

"I have had the privilege of receiving many special awards. As a child, I of course also collected postage stamps. I have fond memories from my childhood of steaming the stamp off the envelope and carefully sticking it in an album with tweezers. Not only do I have my own postage stamp, but it's silver; this really means a lot to me in this anniversary year!"
PostNL commissioned the Royal Dutch Mint to manufacture the postage stamp, which is made from pure silver. The real silver Marco Borsato postage stamp is available via The postage stamp is sold in a deluxe collector's packaging for €25, and is being produced as a limited edition; only 2,500 stamps are being manufactured. The postage stamp has the 'Registered Mail' designation, and may be therefore be used to send letters as registered mail. The stamp is valid for an unlimited period.

In 1990, exactly 25 years ago, the as-yet-unknown performer Marco Borsato was the winner of the Soundmixshow, a talent show presented by TV personality Henny Huisman. Early in his career, he decided that Dutch was the best language in which to sing his emotional songs. His great breakthrough came in 1994 with the song Dromen Zijn Bedrog (Dreams Are A Deception).

Since then, he has had around 40 hits on the charts, with nearly 20 number one hits and a few duets with other artists. As an ambassador of the War Child organisation, he is extremely dedicated to raising awareness for the plight of children living in war zones.

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