Maritime Malta Series IV HMS Hastings. Special miniature sheet with one stamp released by Malta Post

September 19th, 2016

MaltaPost will issue a miniature sheet bearing one stamp entitled Maritime Malta Series IV- HMS Hastings. This stamp portrays a lithograph of a drawing by Charles Brockdorff circa 1838, showing the arrival of Queen Adelaide on board HMS Hastings into Valletta Grand Harbour on 30 November 1838. invites our readers to appreciate the original design of this historically loaded philatelic item that will be a great addition to their collections.

The arrival of the Queen was marked by a royal salute fired from Fort Ricasoli and Fort Saint Elmo, after which twenty-one guns were fired from each of the man-of-war. Battalions of soldiers assembled on the most prominent batteries to cheer the Queen as she passed by. The Queen left Malta on 1 April 1839.