Marking 25 Years of Comic Book Festival in Contern. A lovely and cute stamp presented by Luxembourg Post!

May 17th, 2018

Fans of stamps and comic books should not miss this special stamp by Luxembourg Post issued to celebrate 25 years of Comic Book Festival in Contern. In 1994 the village of Contern was transformed into a comic book fan's paradise for the first time. Since then it welcomes more than 10, 000 visitors each year offering them new and second-hand comic-strip books, original drawings, posters and everything to do with comic-strip books.

Each year, roughly 50 comic book authors welcome visitors and present their newest works. The atmosphere of this event is a blend of folksy celebration and flea market. In addition to the numerous stands selling new and second-hand comic books, a great entertainment is the costume parade as people dress as comic book characters. The event that usually lasts for two days is an ideal platform to shop for numerous accessories, such as figures, posters and illustrations. They have been successful since visitor figures continue to increase each year. welcomes everyone to take a look at other bright issues devoted to famous comic strips


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