Marking 50th Anniversary of the Professor Balthazar Animated Series. A bright cartoon stamp introduced by Croatia Post

June 3rd, 2018 is excited to present this bright cartoon-like stamp issued by Croatia Post to celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Creation of the Professor Balthazar Animated Series. The stamp depicts Professor Balthazar who is the main hero of one of the greatest Croatian animated films and a magical drop from the complex machine. Professor Balthazar is a likeable scientist who resolves the problems his fellow citizens are face with the assistance of a complex machine, but actually with a lot of imagination and positive energy.

Professor Balthazar, living in the Balthazar City, is the most successful project of the Zagreb School of Animated Film, Zagreb Film, Croatia. The creator of Professor Balthazar is Zlatko Grgić , and the name was coined by Zdravko Štalter. His name is written in Croatian as professor Baltazar. The work was co-signed by Zlatko Bourek, Zlatko Grgić, Boris Kolar, Tomica Simović and Ante Zaninović. 

Professor Balthazar is popular throughout the world even today. The episodes have been shown with great success in many countries, like Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Iran, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The Professor is especially popular in Scandinavian countries. Professor Balthazar, like every true professor, is always ready to answer questions, even those addressed to the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Croatia. In Croatia, and especially in his native Zagreb, there are more and more complaints concerning the disappearance of Professor Balthazar from TV programs.


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