July 28th, 2017

Marking the 125th anniversary of Gabriel Gyurjian. Two special items released by HayPost

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to introduce to all collectors’ attention two special postage stamps dedicated to the theme “Prominent Armenians. 125th anniversary of Gabriel Gyurjian”.

The postage stamp with nominal of 170 dram depicts the painting “Nork” of the prominent Armenian painter Gabriel Gyurjian and the postage stamp with nominal of 230 dram depicts Gabriel Gyurjian with the palette against the background of his painting “Dsegh. Sunrise”.

Gabriel Gyurjyan was born in Turkey in 1892. In 1920 he graduated from the School of Arts in Penza. Two years later he has been located in Armenia.  In Gabriel Gyurjyan’s works is basically represented the rich and bright nature of Armenia.  In 1928 Gyurjyan started to teach at High Schools of Yerevan. In 1947 he became the professor of the Yerevan Institute of Arts. In 1939 he has organized the first Studio of Arts in Soviet Union.

Gabriel Gyurjyan also has written many books and clauses. He has been awarded with Lenin’s Award, the Award of Work and many Soviet medals, and also had a rank of the national artist of Armenia.  Since 1951 till 1959, and since 1968 till 1969 Gyurjyan was the president of the Union of Artists of Armenia.

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