May the New Year bring only good. One special festive stamp released by Slovenia Post

November 26th, 2016 hurries to inform all the philately enthusiasts that Slovenia Post has introduced an original festive stamp celebrating one of the greatest winter holidays – the New Year.

This special item depicts an orange studded with a pentagram formed of cloves is a unique symbol of hopes and wishes for the New Year.

The orange is a relatively newcomer among New Year’s gifts. If often appears in appetising New Year’s hot beverages such as fragrant fruit teas, punch, etc. All of these belong among global forms of New Year’s celebrations. Among the typical aromas to enhance the flavours of New Year’s beverages is that of cloves, which on the present stamp are arranged in the form of a pentagram.

This type of five-pointed star, also known as a “mare” or “mare’s foot”, is a common apotropaic (defensive) symbol reputed to ward off evil forces and protect the individual from evil, including illness and other troubles. This is why it is also present in New Year iconography.