Meyer lemons celebrated by USPS. A new definitive stamp released

January 30th, 2018 is excited to present a special Meyer Lemons stamp that was recently released by USPS. Featuring an illustration by John Burgoyne, the item depicts a whole Meyer lemon next to two wedges of the cut fruit.

If these Meyer Lemons stamps were real, they’d be sweeter than true lemons, with hints of mandarin and sweet lime… yum!

Meyer lemons were first introduced to the United States from China in the early 20th century by Frank Meyer, from whom they also got their name. This sweet winter citrus is thought to be a cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange. In the USA this interesting fruit quickly gained popularity with gardeners as an ornamental potted plant.

For collectors, this stamp is also available in coil strips of 500 stamps through Stamp Fulfillment Services.

“I am honoured to represent the Postal Service for the unveiling of the Meyer Lemons stamp,” said U.S. Postal Service Louisiana District Operations Programs Support Manager Keith Accardo in dedicating the stamp.

These lemons are sought by chefs and home cooks throughout our region. The new postage stamp will depict the word ‘USA’ on the side and will value a new two-cent definitive. I look forward to purchasing these stamps and encourage you all to do the same.”

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