Mourning stamp 2013 from Germany

December 9th, 2013

Glistening sunlight breaks through the dark black clouds, just as breathing of the sky.

Likewise sincere words of sympathy penetrate the gloomy grief of the relatives.

When a dear person passes away, a condolence letter can brighten up the dark days like a streak of light. Finally, the word "condolence" means that we sympathize the pain of another. This pious word deserves a special environment. With the grief stampfrom Deutsche Post, which was issued in December 2013, a person can stylishly say "I am with you".

A condolence letter is not an ordinary letter, it differs markedly from the usual correspondence. Although sincere words of sympathy can't stifle the pain, they let connectedness arise. It's not about the mourning of the loss, but the gratitude for the beautiful and intense time passed together shows the true appreciation. The letter of condolence is thus an obituary in miniature, an appreciation of that special that every human being dwells.

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