"Museum Exhibit" stamp issue depicting national coats of arms

October 29th, 2014

FindYourStampsValue.com received information that Serbian Postal Service released a new set of stamps dedicated to its heraldry. The issue consists of two stamps that were unveiled on the 1st of October.

The first appearance of coats of arms, badges of individuals or certain communities is linked to the Middle Ages in Europe. The first rules of heraldry, the science of the coats of arms, which refers to the appearance and purpose of the coats of arms, date back from the 11 century.

The Serbian heraldry and heraldic badges have originated during the medieval Serbian state among the then nobility, while the beginning of the so-called Illyrian heraldry or the heraldry of South Slavic countries represents a collection of the coats of arms made around 1590. for Admiral Petar Grgurić Ohmučević. One of the oldest preserved copies of this collection, of which we lost track, is the manuscript of the II Belgrade Armorial from the beginning of the 17. century, kept since 1963. in the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

The II Belgrade Armorial has the usual content of Illyrian armorials. It includes 158 paginated pages with images of coats of arms of South Slavic countries, states of Emperor Dušan and Uroš, and 141 coat of arms of noble families. They are painted in watercolor, gold and silver (with legends in Latin alphabet in lines under the coats of arms), on paper, which was manufactured in Prague and Graz, from 1574. to 1603. The cover dates back from the beginning of the XIX century.

The coats of arms are painted very skillfully, but in artistic terms, the II Belgrade Armorial is without a doubt the most successful armorial of all known transcripts.

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