Mykolaiv – the city of shipbuilding

September 12th, 2014

According to info got by Ukrposhta has issued a commemorative stamp that depicts a great monument of Mykolaiv- Monument to the shipbuilders. This monument considered to be one of the brightest symbols of this city. The stamp was released and put into circulation on the 8th of September.

In 1989, the city's 200th anniversary was marked by installation of a large memorial near the intersection of Lenin Prospect and Sovetskaya Street. Kyiv architects V.A. Chepelyk, M.I. Kislyy, N.I. Alekseyenko, and V.P. Sklutskyy designed the monument.

It features a globe surrounded by figures of naval commanders and Mykolaiv shipbuilders. Beneath the three meter tall figures, a wide band carries the inscription "To shipbuilders and naval commanders, in honor of two centuries of labor by Mykolaiv shipbuilders: 1789 - 1989".

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