Myths and legends about Singapore’s islands. 8 bright stamps released!

May 29th, 2016 hurries to inform our readers that Singapore Post has prepared for issuing two bright stamps featuring myths and legends about Singapore's Sisters' Islands and Kusu Island.

The set comes in two designs ‒ one of the folktale surrounding Sisters' Island, and the other of Kusu Island.

An exhibition about the two legends will also be held at the Singapore Post's (SingPost) Suntec Post Office from Wednesday to June 8, in conjunction with the new stamp issue. Titled 'Tales From Our Shores', the exhibition is part of the National Heritage Board's 'Heritage on The Move' community programme which seeks to promote Singapore's multi-racial heritage.

Sisters' Islands were named after two sisters who loved each other dearly, and drowned themselves in the sea when sea gypsies threatened to separate them. The islands appeared where the sisters had died, according to folklore.

Kusu Island is also known as "Turtle Island". Legend has it that a giant turtle once rescued two fishermen while they were caught in a storm by taking them to an island, but they never saw the turtle again. It has been said that the turtle has been spotted resting on the shores of the island, by those who later visited it.

SingPost last issued stamps featuring myths and legends in 2014, it said. That particular stamp set featured folktales on the Attack of the Swordfish and Sang Nila Utama.

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