July 30th, 2015

Native apples depicted on a new stamp issue by Liechtenstein Post

FindYourStampsValue.com got to know that Liechtenstein Post has revealed its eight special postage stamps with native apples combined on one sheetlet.

These items are a part of a new series of stamps on old fruit varieties. They accurately depict in every detail the Triesenberger Weinapfel, Damason Reinette, Leuser, Bohnapfel, Berlepsch, Rollapfel, Goldparmäne and Rösli Marie varieties.

Over the past centuries a whole range of cultivated plants have evolved which have ideally adapted to local conditions. Unfortunately, more and more of these old varieties disappeared and along with them characteristics such as disease resilience or special flavour. Verein Hortus is an association that has been dedicated to preserving the diversity of these cultural plants in Liechtenstein for ten years now. It documents old varieties and provides information on cultivating, grafting and pruning them in courses.

Thanks to its commitment, over 2200 young trees have been planted as old varieties, including the Triesenberger Weinapfel, since 2006. Due to its pleasant taste, it is popular both as a dessert apple and a cider apple.

Another gourmet apple depicted on the stamps is the Leuser, also called Breitapfel or Glaser. The resilient apple is dispersed throughout the region and used in many different ways.

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