April 11th, 2017

Natural sights: The underground of Mount Peca. Explore Slovenia with One special stamp


Slovenia participates very successfully in the EU tourism initiative known as EDEN, which stands for “European Destinations of Excellence”. Thanks to this initiative, the EU is seeing the emergence of a network of destinations and regions that are consistently developing a positive form of tourism that is friendly to both people and nature.
It is worth noting here that Pošta Slovenije is the only postal operator to issue stamps on this theme: the Tourism series, in fact, features destinations in Slovenia that have been selected as EDEN winners or finalists. FindYourStampsValue.com is excited to present this originally designed Slovenian stamp that features a recent finalist: “Underground Peca”.
Mining in the numerous shafts and galleries under Mount Peca – extending over a total length of more than 800 kilometres – finally ceased in 1993. Lead and zinc ore had been mined under Peca since Roman times, while the first written record of lead being extracted here dates from 1424. The mine was one of the last major lead-and-zinc mines in Europe. Since being closed, the mine has discovered a new vocation as a tourist attraction.
Visitors enter the mine by train, which carries them a distance of 3.5 kilometres, and then continue their tour of the mine on foot. Along the way, there is also time for a “miner's breakfast”. Two unique activities for tourists to try are cycling through mine tunnels and kayaking through sections that have filled with clear water since the mine closed.

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