Nepal Post commemorates Sochi Olympics 2014 with a special philatelic release

December 20th, 2014

According to info received by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kathmandu along with the Nepal Postal Service issued postage stamp commemorating Winter Olympic Games in 2014, held in Sochi. The cancelation took place on the 10thof December and the postage stamp is now available for purchasing.

The main decorative motif of the stamp is skiing. Nepal was represented in the Olympic program by the skier Daychhiri Sherpa, who took part in the 15 km race. Specially for the cancellation ceremony the Postal Service Department has also released an envelope with a similar design, containing summarized infomation about Sochi Olympic Games.

Last year the representatives of the Nepalese community, led by the president of the Philatelic Society Dr. Ramesh Kumar Shrestha already sponsored the edition of 22nd Winter Olympics' commemorative envelope. This time, having joined the efforts with the Postal Service Department, Nepalese philatelists throughout 2014 "supervised" the development of design, the compliance with all international standards and requirements, contributing so to the strengthening of Russian-Nepalese relations. Now the biggest sporting event of the year will be represented in philately as well.

The first cancellation ceremony gathered more than 150 people in the walls of the RCSC. "I am convinced that the postage stamp is a piece of history, which will be a positive example of Russian-Nepalese relations for a long time", Russia's ambassador to Nepal Sergey Velichkin said in his speech at the event.
The Minister of Information and Communications of Nepal Minendra Rijal who attended the ceremony as the chief guest said that the stamp is also a symbol of gratitude to Russia for the assistance that it has historically provided to Nepal.

"Thanks to your country, we have such a large number of skilled professionals - they all received their education in Russia and the Soviet Union. Thank you for this" ‒ Minendra Rijal said.

Nepal: Sochi Olympics 2014 First Day Cover