New Postcrossing stamps... from Switzerland. Three colorful stamps introduced by Swiss Post

August 21st, 2017 is happy to share some good news from the land of cheese and chocolate:  Swiss Post is going to launch 3 new Postcrossing-themed stamps!

The trio of fun stamps was drawn by cartoonist Max Spring, whose style will be familiar to many as his illustrations often appear in newspapers, stamps and other publications. He did a wonderful job on these, and we’re sure they’ll be a highlight on any postcard traveling from Switzerland!

Even though there is also a website behind this latest communication trend, it is only used for relaying contact data. On you can request an address to write to plus a postcard ID allocated by the site. Next you will receive the physical address of a randomly selected member.

You then send a real postcard to this person, who can be anywhere in the world. Once that person gets the card, they will register receipt. You as sender are then added to the address list and will in turn receive a postcard - and so it continues. Once you become an active postcrosser, you’ll regularly receive mail from the farthest corners of the earth.

The idea was launched in 2005 by a Portuguese postcard enthusiast. The millionth postcard was registered after just three years. Today the community has more than 600,000 members in over 200 countries. The comic illustrations on the three special stamps depict how people in Switzerland use Postcrossing to connect to the world.