New series of definitive stamps produced by Korea Post

July 27th, 2014

Two definitive stamps for 1930 KRW and 3000 KRW are to be newly issued on August 7, 2014.

The 1930 KRW stamp for registered mail (over 5g up to 25g) features "Gold Earrings from Hwango-dong, Gyeongju, " excavated from the Hwango-dong tomb No. 52 of the Silla Dynasty. The 9-cm long earring is a large thick plain ring with numerous leaf-shaped ornaments hanging from it. As Treasure No. 455, it shows a simple and refined beauty. It is housed in the National Museum of Korea.

The 3000 KRW stamp depicts "Gosa Gwansudo," the Painting of a Lofty Scholar Contemplating Water. From the 15th century and currently housed in the National Museum of Korea, the painting 15.7 x 23.4cmin size, was drawn on paper in black and white by Kang Hui-an, a literati painter of the Joseon Dynasty. It allows the viewer to soak up the leisurely atmosphere by watching the scholar calmly contemplating running water while leaning forward onto a rock.

To prevent the possibility of counterfeiting, in conventional practice, the stamps were printed in optically variable ink and minute letters, additionally a perforated map of the Korean Peninsula was applied to both the 1930 KRW and the 3000 KRW stamp, which is expected to add a little fun.

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