New stamps from the Bird Series were released by Latvijas Pasts

July 9th, 2015 got to know that Latvijas Pasts has released unique additions to Birds series of stamps featuring Latvian birds: the European golden plover (Pluvialis apricaria) and the Eurasian golden oriole (Oriolus oriolus). The issue was unveiled and put on sale on the 26th of June.

The European golden plover has been given the title of Latvia's Bird of the Year 2015. The Bird of the Year is one of the annual symbols of Latvian nature, which has been designated by the Latvian Ornithological Society since 1996 in order to draw more public attention to a particular bird species, obtain more information for research thereof or ensure special measures for its protection.

The golden plover nests in unenclosed raised bogs, and it is found in larger numbers in Latvia during the migration in the spring and fall. This year, it is planned to explore the golden plover nesting sites in Latvia. The Latin name of the golden plover – Pluvialis apricaria – is quite unambiguous: pluvialis means "bringing the rain (rainy) " and apricari stands for "to embrace the sun", so the name of the bird means "a sun-embracing bringer of rain". If the "sun-embracing" part of the name refers to the yellowish plumage, the part referring to the rain is associated with the popular observation that "the golden plover brings the rain".

The golden oriole (Oriolus oriolus) belongs to the passerine order. It spends the winter season in the far south, and in the spring it returns to its nesting grounds in Europe and Asia. During the migration, these otherwise solitary birds form small flocks, with males and females traveling separately. The golden oriole is a timid type of bird, but the distinctive, flute-like, whistling song of the male with its bright plumage often reveals its location.

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