New stamps issue: “Europa 2018 – Bridges”. A special stamp introduced by Monaco Post

May 31st, 2018 is glad to present this special stamp by Monaco Post specially issued for the contest for the best Europa stamp that centers on the theme of «bridges». This stamp represents the Sainte Dévote Bridge, which is set in the eponymous valley, overlooking the Church dedicated to the patron saint of Monaco. The stamp was designed by Joël Tchobanian. Let`s also have a look at bright Europa 2018 stamps issued by other countries!

This bridge that overlooks the well-known chapel in Monaco was originally a railway bridge. Since the underground railway station was inaugurated, it has become a road bridge. The chapel was first mentioned in historical documents dated 1070, on the space now occupied by the Chapel of Relics. It was restored in the 16th century. In 1606, Prince Honoré II added a span, followed by a porch in 1637. The façade was rebuilt in 1870 and refurbished further in 1891 in Neo-Greek style. Sainte-Dévôte Bridge is now one of the greatest arch bridges and road bridges in Monaco that was constructed much later, in 1964.