March 4th, 2015

New touching Birth stamp introduced by PostNL got to know that Dutch Post issues the Birth stamp in order to "reflect the spirit of the times", the PostNL website states. The current Birth stamp will be available beginning March 2. It features a pink rattle among other images, and will replace the famous stork Birth stamp which has been used for 18 years. The new image was designed by Marenthe Otten.

From time to time PostNL issues a new event stamp, such as the Love stamp and the Birth stamp, to ensure these stamps always reflect the spirit of the times. The new Birth stamp is a collage of illustrations of objects and symbols people often associate with birth and babies: a pram, a rocking horse, a rattle, a bottle, little flowers and hearts.

In her design, Marenthe Otten took into account the many expecting parents, as well as the recipients of birth announcement cards. "This design called for the stamp to match the special occasion, even more so than other stamps did. The baby could be a boy or a girl, or it could turn out to be twins or triplets. The design therefore had to be neutral, but with power and a great look and feel", Marenthe Otten said.

"Our main focus in this new design was that it had to be simple, fun and dynamic. Graphic designer Marenthe Otten did a wonderful job incorporating these aspects in the recognizable objects and symbols representing babies and birth", Marketing Manager Mark-Jan Pieterse says.

Dutch Post: Birth stamp

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