June 4th, 2017

New Zealand as a surfer’s paradise. 5 Surf Breaks stamps presented


New Zealand’s tiny land mass with vast stretches of epic coastline has made it somewhat of a surfer’s paradise – minus the constant warm weather and coconut trees! That is why the Postal Service has prepared for issuing five special Surf Breaks stamps that take a look at some of New Zealand’s most popular surf breaks - from the long peeling waves at Piha to the frigid waters along the Dunedin coast. 

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New Zealand sits right in the cross hairs of the Roaring Forties, leaving it exposed to the rolling swell that boils up from turbulent Antarctic storms. New Zealand’s minute size means that surfers are able to chase swells from north to south in a matter of hours.

Each of the five stamps in this issue features one of New Zealand’s prime surfing spots, with dramatic images captured by some of New Zealand’s top surf photographers.

The North Island is represented by two of New Zealand’s most well-known surf spots, Piha Bar in Piha and Manu Bay in Raglan, as well as the Waiwhakaiho River mouth in Taranaki along Surf Highway 45. The South Island is represented by Mangamaunu in Kaikoura and Aramoana Spit in Dunedin, both producing world-class breaks in the cooler southern waters.

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