Norwegian Cars – a little known part of Norwegian industrial history. 4 bright stamps released by Norway Post

October 22nd, 2017

Norwegian car production never reached great heights, but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. In total, 13 different Norwegian car manufacturers are known in Norway today, but only four of these brands have now become stamps. These are Think, Troll, Bjering and Mustad. would also like to remind you that there have been already many issues devoted to cars, especially to vintage ones. One of the brightest releases were introduced by Magyar Posta, Luxembourg Post and Czech Posts.

Most Norwegians recognize Think, and many have heard of the Troll car, but Bjering and Mustad are two names in Norwegian car production that perhaps are not as famous. However, these brands played one of the most important roles in building the Norwagian car industry. In collaboration with the Norwegian Road Museum, Norway Post has selected four cars for this stamp series.

Engineer Clarin Mustad is one of the pioneers in Norwegian car production. He built the Mustad Giant, a car that in 1917 was already well ahead of its time. This unique vehicle appeared on the first stamp. The second item represents the car constructed by Bjering. He made a name for himself making mowers. In 1921, Hans C. Bjering made a two-seater car where the driver sat behind the passenger and the front tyres could be replaced with runners.

The Troll car that appeared on the third stamp was made in Lunde in Telemark at the end of the 1950s. Unfortunately, it was not a success and production ceased after only five cars. The fourth item represents the Think electric car that is the closest we come to a Norwegian car adventure. The concept was sold to Ford, but production was eventually stopped.

Enzo Finger designed both the stamps and the beautiful miniature sheet.

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