October 28th, 2014

Numismatic 2014 – Golden coin of Emperor Nero

The Romans were inspired in coining golden coins from the Greek colonies inItaly. From the times of Emperor Augustus coining gold coins (aures, florin) was absolutely in the jurisdiction of the Emperor and therefore there is not one Roman ruler that had not represented himself on the coins.

The Roman Emperor Nero, in full name NERO CLAUDIUS CAESAR DRUSUS GERMANICUS, was born in year 37 at Antium. His mother Agrippina the younger was the great grand-daughter of Emperor Augustus and the niece of Emperor Claudius for whom she was wed.

Nero became an Emperor in year 54 after the death of his step father Claudius. He was at war inArmeniaandParthia, but he is also known for burning downRome, in desire to achieve inspiration for his songs. After the rebellion of the army in western provinces in the year 68, when he saw that he was left by his guards, he killed himself.

There are several types of Nero's golden coins, coined mainly in mints in Rome and Lyon (Roma et Lugdunum). In the beginning on the obverse side are portraits of Nero and Agrippina the younger, and on the reverse a wreath of oak-tree leaves with an inscription.

Later on, on the obverse was the Emperor’s portrait, most commonly with the inscription NERO CAESAR AUGUSTUS IMPERATOR, and on the reversed side are the goddess Ceres, Jupiter on his throne or the closed doors of Jan's temple in Rome.

The inscription on the reverse states the Emperor's functions and tributes. At the Mostar gates near Ljubuški was found a golden coin of Nero in 2007 (which today is in private property), wrought in the years 60 -61 inLyon andRome.

On the observe side there is a portrait of Nero, with the inscription NERO CAESAR AVG IMP, and on the reverse side the figure of goddess Ceres, with a torch and grain symbol and inscription of PONTIF MAX TR P VII COS IIII PP EX SC. (Radoslav Dodig).

The Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar has issued commemorative postage stamp in a sheet of 6 stamps + 2 vignettes, postmark and First Day Cover (FDC).

Golden coin of Emperor Nero - FDC

Golden coin of Emperor Nero - Postmark

Date of issue: 31. 10. 2014.

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