Official King’s stamp get an original image of crown

January 29th, 2015 got to know that PostNL has moved to replace the current image of the crown on the official King's stamp with an image of the royal crown as formally ratified by King William I in 1816. The King's stamp, which will remain otherwise unchanged, is available for purcasing from 5 January.

The image shown on the original King's stamp presented to the King more than a year ago did not resemble the official crown. Numerous people wrote to PostNL saying it would make more sense for the King's stamp to feature the actual royal crown, and it was this feedback that inspired the company to alter the image.

PostNL has reserved a special place throughout the years for the issue of stamps of Dutch monarchs and other members of the Royal Family and issues a new permanent stamp whenever a new Head of State is inaugurated. The King's stamp was designed and altered by the internationally renowned Dutch design company Studio Job.