On hundred year since the creation of “Russkaya Pravda”. One special stamp introduced by Rusmarka

November 13th, 2016

The Code book "Russkaya Pravda" is an important part of the Russian history of law; also it is a monument of culture, because it reflects the household, the life, traditions and principles of housekeeping of Ancient Russia.

To celebrate 1000th anniversary since the creation of this document Rusmarka has introduced a special stamp that is highly recommended to our readers by FindYourStampsValue.com! Let's appreciate this original item together!

"Russkaya Pravda" is a set of laws and regulations of Ancient Russia, the first main written source of Russian law. The set of laws was published about 1016-1054 years by the feudal lord Yaroslav the Wise, came to us in the list of the XIII–XVIII centuries in three versions: short, expanded and condensed, each of version displays specific stages of development of the social relations in the Ancient Russian state.

The document composed of norms of inheritance, the law of domestic relations, the trade and criminal laws, principles of procedural legislation and propositions of social classes of various strata of population.

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