One of the oldest Philatelic Society celebrates its anniversary

October 14th, 2014 is glad to inform that the Philately Club of New Haven celebrates this yaer its anniversary. In 1914, Yale started playing football in a big bowl, a Broadway show opened on the new Shubert stage and, on the 15th of October, a group of stamp collectors met for the first time.

But philately, as stamp collecting is known, goes back even further than the 100 years of the New Haven Philatelic Society. It even goes back further than U.S. stamps, which were first issued in this country in 1847.

In 1845, New Haven postmaster Edward Mitchell created a 5-cent die that he stamped on envelopes and signed to show postage paid. That original die, now owned by the New Haven Museum, was used to make 1,000 commemorative envelopes, known as covers.

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