Online Gallery of Rarities created by Cherrystone Auctions

August 19th, 2016 is glad to inform stamp enthusiasts and collectors that Cherrystone Auctions has opened a special "Gallery of Rarities" section of their website where you can view information about the rarest and most valuable stamps sold by the New York City auction house.

The gallery includes nearly 400 rare stamps sold through Cherrystone over the years. Visitors to the Gallery of Rarities are able to click on a specific stamp and view an enlarged image. Detailed information accompanies each stamp in the gallery, including the year it was released, the year it was sold and the price it realized at auction.

Users of the interactive gallery are able to sort through the collection of rare stamps from around the world by country of origin or by price realized. The Gallery of Rarities includes stamps and stamp-related collectibles from the United States, Russia, Canada, China, Italy, Iceland and other countries. Sorting the stamps by the price they realized at auction reveals that the highest-price item in the Gallery is a complete pane of 25 Russian stamps released in 1924 and sold in a Cherrystone auction in June of 2008 for $805,000.00. The highest-priced American stamp in the Gallery ‒ a 24-cent stamp from 1918 ‒ was auctioned off by Cherrystone in December of 2010 for $345,000.00.

Cherrystone notes on their website that there may be many stamps that look similar to those in their Gallery of Rarities. Often times, the auction house explains, the very subtle differences between rare stamps and common stamps can be determined only by experts. Cherrystone Auction's Gallery of Rarities is found on their website, listed below, under the "About" section at the top of the page.