Original and beautiful Tattoos as an Art of Skin. Five bright stamps released by Brazilian Post

December 22nd, 2016

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to inform our readers that Brazilian Post released a bright souvenir sheet of five stamps issued that displays the work of Brazilian tattoo artists.

The idea for stamps featuring tattoos came from Ademar Goncalves Rios, who participated in a post office program that asked for suggestions for stamp subjects.

In announcing this issue, called Tattoo — Art of Skin, Brazil’s Correios said: “Tattoos have long ceased being mere designs or marks on the human body. Nowadays, they are art on skin and, regardless of fashion, are a way to customize on the human skin, through the universal language of art, what one believes as being his/her essence, feelings, beliefs, ideologies, traditions and even to cover up imperfections.”
Pictured in the souvenir sheet’s selvage is the hand of tattoo artist Jerson Filho at work. Another tattoo by Filho is shown on the second stamp from the right in the bottom row. Correios reports that this tattoo design is a stylized image of the archangel Michael. Also illustrated on the bottom row of stamps are tattoo designs by Paulo Tattoo, Ivy Saruzi, and Luiza Fortes. A tribal-style tattoo by Jun Matsu is shown on the single stamp in the top row.

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