Original artistic photography by Erich Allgäuer. Three special pictorial stamp released by Liechtenstein Post

October 1st, 2016

Liechtensteiner Erich Allgäuer was inspired to take his first steps in photography after a visit to Rome in 1960. Since then he has become passionate about photography, to the extent that he is never seen without a camera strung around his neck. To underline the unique contribution made by this artist to art of photography Liechtenstein Post issued three special stamps depicting the most famous and bright shots taken by Erich Allgäuer.

FindYourStampsValue.com invites our readers to appreciate these original philatelic items and the talent of this outstanding Liechtensteiner photographer!

Among Erich Allgäuer’s wide range of photographic themes are detailed images of the barks of plane trees which he has photographed all across Central Europe. In the mosaic which is typical of these tree barks, the artist was able to pick out human heads as well as whole figures and scenes.

The “Woman” (value CHF 1.00) on the first special stamp is reminiscent of a theatre character, while the “Man” (value CHF 1.50) on the second stamp could have been an earlier emperor or philosopher.

A modern "Woman with Hat" (value CHF 2.00) from Paris of the 1920s is the subject of the third motif. “The challenge is to detect one image among the hundreds of images on the tree and to then focus on it”, says Erich Allgäuer. “Only by defining the section will the motif become visible”. The artist is continually fascinated by the expressive power of the motifs, which even without accompanying text can be clearly read.