Panos Terlemezyan – a prominent Armenian painter, patriot and freedom fighter

March 22nd, 2015 is glad to inform that Armenian Post has released a set of stamps commemorating Panos Terlemezyan and his creative heritage. The issue consisting of two stamps was unveiled and put into circulation on the 3d of March.

Panos Terlemezian was an Armenian painter, a People's Artist of Armenian SSR (1935). He was a leader of Van Resistance in 1915.

Few people know that besides being a talented painter, he was also a splendid sniper. He actively participated in the city's self-defense fights. In the year of his death, 1941, his friends named the art college, created with their efforts, after Terlemezyan.

The contribution of Panos Terlemezyan in Armenian fine arts is invaluable. He was rated highly and the art works of Panos Terlemezyan were appreciated in Armenia, the arts school established in Yerevan in 1921, was named after him in 1941.