July 4th, 2018

Paying tribute to famous Croatian musicians. Three special stamps presented to collectors` attention

A small country for a great time with the lot of music venues – this is what tourists say. And that could really be the key fact about Croatia. This country is also known for its specific Dalmatian folk music sound which mixed with various forms of popular music is represented at the festivals held on the Adriatic coast. To pay tribute to popular musicians Croatia Post has released a set of three special stamps. The items were created by Ivana Vučić and Tomislav-Jurica Kačunić, designers from Zagreb.

So, the first item is dedicated to Arsen Dedić who was a Croatian singer-songwriter. Dedić wrote and performed chansons as well as film music. He created an authentic song writing style by combining his musical and poetic talents. He travelled the world and his creations can hardly be counted! The stamp features reproduction of Arsen Dedić's gramophone record cover Arsen 2, issued by Jugoton, 1971. 

The second stamp depicts Ivo Robić who was a Croatian singer and songwriter. He composed some of the greatest oldies from the 1950s. Nobody came close to the imagined monument of the bard of popular music from the 1950s. The item features a reproduction of Ivo Robić's gramophone record cover Jubilarni koncert, issued by Jugoton, 1965.

The third item honors Vice Vukov who was a Croatian singer and politician. He was very successful and made his debut in Opatija '59 to Zagreb '71. He got the second place at the Intervision festival (eastern European equivalent of Eurovision). He also represented the former country twice at the Eurosong: in London in 1963 and in Napoli in 1965. The stamp features reproduction of Vice Vukov's gramophone record cover Mirno teku rijeke, issued by Jugoton, 1971.

FindYourStampsValue.com invites our readers to pay attention to other stamps  issued on music theme. 


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