Personalities – new stamp series is to be produced by Luxembourg Post

September 7th, 2014 got information that Luxembourg Post is to issue a new series of stamps "Personalities". It consists of three stamps that depict Samuel Hirsch, Nikolaus Hein, Marie Speyer. These famous people made a great contribution to the political and social life of Luxembourg.

The stamps were designed by Pit Wagner, the Luxembourg artist. He used black and white photos as representations for these drawings. When producing a sketch, nothing is more difficult than painting a portrait, and the challenge is greatly enhanced by trying to fi t it onto a small surface, such as a stamp.

Moreover, the artist has to capture the physical appearance of Hirsch, Speyer and Hein on a small canvas without losing their individual characteristics, such as their facial features, expression and hairstyle. He had to produce several sketches in India ink and other shades to find the right angle and correct pose for the portrait. In choosing the colours, Pit Wagner left nothing to chance - green for the vines, red for feminine success and blue for spirituality.