Peter Sagan as the wonder of the sporting world… An exceptional sportsman honored with a new Slovakian Post

April 10th, 2016

Natural phenomenon? Wonder of the World? Fortune's darling? Perhaps but certainly an exceptional sportsman and person. Peter Sagan with his abilities and demeanor has transformed cycling into one of the most popular sports in Slovakia. To commemorate this renowned athlete Slovakia Post has prepared the bright stamp that has already amazed philately lovers with its original design. invites our readers to appreciate this interesting philatelic item.

He flew into the world of the peloton and in his very first season among professionals, he began to win. He became the scourge of not only renowned sprinters, but he even dominated difficult hilly races consisting of several stages. He gradually built up a great deal of respect as a four time victor in the points race for the green shirt in the biggest cycling race in the world ‒ The Tour de France. But he still lacked "the great victory", which is the hallmark of a champion. But Peter did not give in; he raced with ever greater vigour and energy. In 2015, he did it. Through the most important victory in a one-off cycling race he demonstrated uniqueness, excellence with his tactics and sporting mastery and after a heroic effort he won the right to wear the rainbow jersey as the World Champion.

To commemorate Peters' masterful achievement Slovenská pošta a.s. has issued a postage stamp. The author of the stamp is the outstanding Slovak caricaturist Jozef Gertli Danglár who did a great job too and immortalized charismatic Peter at the moment of his greatest glory: winning the gold medal at the World Championships.

Peter Sagan is not only a great athlete but also an honest guy with a big heart and a big smile, who does not hesitate to help someone and have fun, because he knows that it is not only victories that are important. He has become a great role model and inspiration for children and adults alike, an exemplary fighter. This shows in his ability to consistently overcome any obstacle, always fairly.