Philately educates and enhances one’s knowledge in a subtle way… Maltex exhibition is to be opened

October 23rd, 2015

It is not how much knowledge people have at their fingertips that spurs them to learn; it is what stimulates their interest. Nowadays, when all the facts of the world are available at the touch of a button, the age-old hobby of stamp collecting can serve that purpose well. is glad to inform our readers that Maltex, Malta’s annual philately and postal history exhibition, opens this weekend. Its aim is to educate and enlighten with the help of these tiny philatelic items that bear a great baggage of knowledge.

The organisers of Maltex, Malta's annual major philately and postal history exhibition, are well aware that stamp and postcard collecting can pique interest in various subjects.

This year's event, which is taking place at the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana this weekend, will carry the theme Education Through Philately. History, geography, culture, traditions and customs form the subject matter of stamps from around the world.

"Philately is a hobby that the individual does freely and with pleasure", said the president of the Malta Philatelic Society, Alfred Bonnici.

"It therefore educates and enhances one's knowledge in a subtle way. More often than not the youngster does not realise that his knowledge is being enhanced. It is education without tears".
Bonnici gives the example of collecting stamps about the British colonies – one gets to know where they are located, their political advancement, their industry, their exports and so on.

The 16th edition of the exhibition will feature traditional stamps, unique items of postal history and thematic collections.