Philippine Airlines celebrates its 75th anniversary. One special stamp released by PHLPost

November 7th, 2016 is glad to inform our devoted readers that the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) launches the Philippine Airlines 75th Anniversary Commemorative Stamps featuring the new and inspiring slogan "The heart of the Filipino".

Philippine Airlines, a trade name of PAL Holdings, Inc., historically is the nation's flag carrier. It is the first commercial airline in Asia and the oldest of those currently in operation, with a long and distinguished record in the aviation industry.

The Airline was founded on February 1941 by a group of businessmen led by Andres Soriano, one of the country's leading industrialists.

The Philippine Airlines 75th anniversary commemorative stamps feature's the flag carrier flying over the map of the world. According to the new slogan, "from the beauty of the Philippines to the warmth of its people, Philippine Airlines embodies the generous, the resilient, the Beautiful Heart that is uniquely Filipino".