July 4th, 2016

Pietà and Cross as one of the greatest works of art. First ever glass stamp released by Austrian Post

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to inform our readers that Austrian Post has released special glass stamp depicting Pietà and Cross.

This is an exclusive item showing a great deal of innovative spirit when it comes to stamp design – to date no stamp valid for franking has ever been made out of glass anywhere in the world.

The glass stamp shows one of the famous "Sandlbilder": a reverse glass painted Pietà from the Upper Austrian municipality of Sandl. In reverse glass painting the design is painted on the back of the glass, enabling the front to be cleaned easily, which was a big advantage in the smoke-filled farmhouse parlours of yesteryear. There is a long tradition of reverse glass painting in Sandl.

This is because there were many glass works in the nearby Bohemian forests, from which sheets of glass could be acquired easily and cheaply. Glass painting provided peasant families with a welcome additional source of income; during the winter the whole family worked together to produce the mostly religious designs step by step, each member of the family having his or her own particular task e.g. painting in the outlines or filling in the coloured areas.

The high quality, mostly hand-crafted production, the unusual material and the traditional, hand-painted design all make this stamp very special. Folk art and innovative production techniques will thus be combined to produce a very special miniature work of art.

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