Polynesian character: Queen Pomare IV's 200th Birthday on stamp

February 28th, 2013

The Post of French Polynesia issued a stamp celebrating the 200th birthday of Queen Pomare IV.

Aimata, Pomare II's eldest daughter, was born on 28 February 1813. When her brother Pomare III died on 11 January 1827, she was proclaimed Queen and given the name of Pomare IV.

With little inclination to reign, she was soon surrounded and influenced by many characters, particularly protestant missionaries who took a dim view of that young lady ascending the throne, as her concerns seemed quite distant from those required to rule a country.

With the appearance of a distinguished woman, her frequent relations with the representatives of foreign powers and the regard she was held in made her aware of her rank and dignity.

Until her death in 1877, she shared the executive power with the Governor, assisted by a General Assembly. She is profoundly respected and enjoys great prestige among Tahitians.