Postage Stamp Day celebrated by Austria Post. One special stamp introduced to collectors’ attention

November 4th, 2016

For this year’s Postage Stamp Day, Austrian Post has depicted the Steinamanger-Pinkafeld local railway, which, from 1888 onwards, provided a cross-border link between the towns of Szombathely (Steinamanger) in Hungary and Pinkafeld in Burgenland. invites all philately enthusiasts to appreciate the design of this special occasion stamp that has been created to meet the collectors’ expectations.

Nowadays the railway is known as the Pinkatal railway after the Pinkatal valley, through which much of the railway runs. The stretch from Szombathely via Rechnitz and Oberwart to Pinkafeld was ceremoniously opened on 16th December 1888.

One side of the commemorative stamp shows the station at Pinkafeld. For a long time this district in southern Burgenland was known for its textiles industry; nowadays it is an important educational centre thanks to its HTL (vocational education and training college) and university.

On the upper portion of the stamp you can see the station at Szombathely, which is a major transport hub. Among other things, several Raaberbahn lines converge here; Intercity trains depart from here to Budapest and Győr, as do express trains to Vienna. Szombathely is a medium-sized city in the west of Hungary which is home to industry and commerce in the electronics, automotive technology, wood and textile processing sectors. The two municipalities are symbolically linked by a 377 series steam locomotive, like the ones used in around 1900.