Postage Stamps worth More than £1 million have been pinched! Stamp collectors are shocked…

October 6th, 2015

Stamp collectors are shocked by the perfect philatelic crime happened recently. Postage stamps worth more than £1 million have been pinched from a French warehouse! would like to inform the details of this shocking event.

Brazen thieves used a "Mission: Impossible" ‒ style method on Sunday night to lower themselves into the interior of the suburban Paris building on ropes.

They then allegedly hauled 75 boxes packed full of stamps back up to the roof and escaped.

Workers were stunned to arrive at the Seine-et-Marne building on Monday morning to find the ropes dangling from the ceiling.

Police were called and an investigation has been launched. .

The total amount of stamps stolen has not yet been confirmed, but a police source said it was currently estimated to be around €1.4 million (£1 million).

It comes in the same month that a British man avoided jail for stealing £13,000 worth of postage stamps from his workplace.

Scott Winterton recruited colleague Terence Roberts-Richards to sell them on, but they were caught after falsely reporting the stamps were missing from a delivery by the Royal Mail.

The duo, who worked at Office Depot in Leicester, were both given suspended jail sentences…