Posthorn – the next issue of the world’s longest-running series of stamps

September 5th, 2014 got to know that Norway Post is to issue Posthorn stamp that is part of the world’s longest-running series of stamps. The stamp is to be issued and put into circulation on the 12th of September.

Over 960 million of the 5 and 10 øre stamps (NK 99 and 100) from 1909-1910 were printed! So perhaps it's not surprising that collecting posthorn stamps is for many people the purest form of philately.

In 1982 a Dane called Svend Wiegand Hansen released a book called "Om at samle norske posthornmærker" ("Collecting Norwegian posthorn stamps"). The book offers a detailed, simple introduction to an area of collecting. Over 500,000 10 øre carmine stamps were printed in 1910, and Norgeskatalogen lists up to 11 different variants.

Differences between variants may be due to printing errors, while type and plate differences can be distinguished by tagging, watermark and design differences. Distinguishing between two almost identical stamps can be crucial.

The most important tools for a posthorn stamp collection are a good magnifying glass, Norgeskatalogen, a stamp book for sorted stamps, a watermark detector, tag measurer and, ideally, a colour palette for philatelists.

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