Premiere in the Romanian philately – THE TABLETS OF THE LAW, THE LAWS OF THE WORLD

August 17th, 2013

Continuing the series of postage stamps issues dedicated to history and religion, Romfilatelia emphasizes an outstanding personality of universal history, worthy of the respect of all living generations along millennia and with an overwhelming influence on the entire world. Thus becoming the subject of a postage stamps issue, Moses had, through the divine Law, a crucial role in the identity of the Jewish people and the Christian and Islamic religions.

Suggestively entitled The Tablets of the Law, the Laws of the World, the issue consists of four stamps illustrating essential elements that strongly influenced the life of the Hebrew people and the religious concepts of other nations.


the postage stamp with the face value of lei 1.20 reproduces the image of a drawing made after Moses' statue, a work of the great sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti;

on the postage stamp with the face value of lei 1.40 are illustrated the Tablets of the Law, written in stone by the Jewish God and illustrating the texts of the Ten Commandments. The image on the stamp belongs to the Mogosoaia Bridge Synagogue inBucharest;

the postage stamp with the face value of lei 3.00 presents the image of an Ark (the Great Synagogue in Bucharest) representing the space inside the Synagogue where the TORAH scrolls are being kept;

on the postage stamp with the face value of lei 14.50 is illustrated the image of Saint Catherine's Monastery, built on Mount Sinai and having its shrine placed where Moses heard for the first time the words of GOD, uttered from the flames of the fire where the burning bush did not turn into ashes.

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