Preserving the memories of the early trades in Singapore. Four vintage stamps introduced by SingPost

April 18th, 2018 is delighted to present to your attention four bright vintage stamps issued by Singapore Post to preserve the memories of the early trades in Singapore. Beautifully depicted in this stamp issue are four early trades – Samsui Woman, Sikh Guard, Boatman and Coolie. The vintage stamps like these ones have an exquisite design and are especially popular among collectors. So, let`s take a closer look at this issue! 

The first stamp features the samsui women who literally built the Singapore we know today. They came from Sanshui, China to Singapore in search of work in the construction industry and their hard work has helped shape Singapore for years. The second item depicts the Sikh Guard who was recruited to serve as policemen and security personnel in the Straits Settlement. The contingent was established in Singapore in 1881 and was highly regarded by the British police until its disbandment in 1945.

The third item depicts a boatman whose job was very important and very dangerous at the same time. The Singapore River was no place for an unskilled boatman, particularly in the era before motorized vehicles. The coolies who appeared on the fourth stamp were unskilled labourers who came to Singapore is search for a better life. They were often employed in mines, ports, plantations, construction sites and as rickshaw pullers. 


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